Halas Group Members

Principal Investigator

Naomi Halas
Stanley C. Moore Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy
Director, Laboratory for Nanophotonics

DSc, 2007, La Salle University
PhD, 1987, Physics, Bryn Mawr College
MA, 1984, Physics, Bryn Mawr College
BA, 1980, Chemistry, La Salle College

Postdocs & Research Scientists

  Surbhi Lal
Research Scientist
Electrical & Computer Engineering

PhD, 2006, Applied Physics, Rice University 
MS, 1997, Physics, Texas Tech University
MS, 1988, Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, New Dehli, India
BS, 1986, Physics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India

  Oara Neumann
Research Scientist
Electrical & Computer Engineering

PhD, 2013, Applied Physics, Rice University
MS, 2004, Chemical Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
MS, 1997, Analytical Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania
BA, 1996, Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania

Probing of biomolecules using plasmonic nanostructures
Solar Steam generation using plasmonic nanoparticles

  Sandra Whaley Bishnoi
Research Scientist
Electrical & Computer Engineering

PhD, 2001, Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin
BS, 1997, Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin

Research: Designing nanoparticles for drug delivery and thermal ablation of metastatic tumors.


Graduate Students

Ciceron Ayala-Orozco

MS, 2009, Theoretical Chemistry, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico
BS, 2007, Biological Chemistry & Pharmacology, Universidad Michoacana, Mexico

Engineering nanostructures for medical applications, photothermal therapy of cancer, theranostic nanoashells and nanomatryoshkas, and plasmonic fluorescence enhancement. 

  Lisa Brown

MA, 2009, Chemistry, Rice University
BS, 2007, Chemistry, Louisiana State University
BA, 2007, Music, Louisiana State University

Fabrication and characterization of metallic nanoantennas for surface-enhanced spectroscopies

  Jared Day
Applied Physics

MS, 2010, Rice University
BSEE, 2003, Johns Hopkins University

Development of plasmonic nanostructures to investigate subwavelength energy transport (waveguiding) and the optical and electrical generation of surface plasmon waves


  Amanda Goodman

MA, 2013, Chemistry, Rice University
BS, 2010, Chemistry, University of Iowa

Synthesis and functionalization of plasmonic nanostructures for medical applications

  Sam Gottheim

BS, 2011, Chemistry, Muhlenberg College

Fractal nanoparticle plasmonics for the elucidation of broadband extinction

  Nate Hogan
Applied Physics

BA, 2011, Applied Physics, Brigham Young University

Solar-powered and laser-mediated steam generation

  Nick King

MS, 2011, Physics, Rice University
BS, 2008, Physics, Rice University

Coupling of light into dielectric waveguides utilizing plasmonic nanoparticles and asymmetric dielectric environments

  Adam Lauchner
Applied Physics

MS, 2012, Nanoscale Physics, Rice University
BS, 2006, Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech University

Use of plasmonic structures for the development of photodetection devices in the infrared and ultraviolet

  Michael McClain

MA, 2013, Chemistry, Rice University
BS, 2011, Chemistry, Emory University
BA, 2011, Physics, Emory University

Chemical synthesis of aluminum nanoparticles

  Andrea Schlather

MA, 2012, Chemistry, Rice University
BS, 2009, Chemistry, University of Houston

Modulating the plasmonic properties of metal nanoclusters through plasmon-exciton interactions


  Ali Sobhani
Electrical & Computer Engineering

MS, 2014, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rice University
MS, 2011, Nanoelectronics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Exploiting plasmonics in opto-electronic devices for energy harvesting and sensing


Fangfang Wen

MA, 2012, Chemistry, Rice University
MS, 2010, Nanophotonics, Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan, France
BS, 2008, Optical Science & Technology, Xi'an University of Posts &Telecommunications, China

Optical nanoantennas

  Chao Zhang
Electrical & Computer Engineering

BS, 2012, Mathematics and Physics, Tsinghua University, China

Optical characterization of plasmon-enhanced photocatalysis

  Yu Zhang

MS, 2011, Physics, Rice University
MS, 2007, Plasma Physics, University of Science and Technology of China
BS, 2004, Plasma Physics, University of Science and Technology of China

Nonlinear and ultrafast optics

  Bob Zheng
Electrical and Computer Engineering

BS, 2010, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Hybridizing electro-active materials with active plasmonic devices

  Linan Zhou

BS, 2012, Chemistry, Peking University, China

Plasmon-enhanced heterogeneous catalytic chemical reactions


Lab Administrators

  Sandy Williams
Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP)



Carol Lively
Rice Quantum Institute (RQI)
Applied Physics Graduate Program


Carla Aguirre  Graduate Research Associate, University of Montreal
Richard Averitt  Associate Professor, Boston University
Rizia Bardhan Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
Aoune Barhoumi Postdoctoral Fellow, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, MIT
Sandra Bishnoi  Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology
Kelley Bradley  Nanofabrication Facility Manager, University of Houston
Bruce Brinson  Self-Employed Consultant
Clarence Charnay Universite Montpellier 2, Place Eugene Batallion, France
Alan Cheville Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University
Joseph Cole Algorithm Developer, Applied Materials
Dan Duan  
Zheyu Fang Research Professor, Peking University; Adjunct Faculty, Rice ECE Department
Tumasang Fofang Sandia National Laboratories
Nathaniel Grady  Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Physics & Beijing National Lab for Condensed Matter Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Muhammed Gheith
Glenn Goodrich Director, Process Development and Chemistry, Nanospectra Biosciences, Inc., Houston  
Jan-Philipp Guenther    
Greg Hale Engineer, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Lee Hirsch Director, Defense Science Study Group, Inst for Def Analyses, Washington DC  
Ryan Huschka Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Newman University  
Joseph Jackson Patent Engineer, Osha Liang LLC, Houston
Tara Kasper  
Kevin Kelly Associate Professor, Rice University
Mark KnightPostdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF), Amsterdam
Janardan Kundu Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory 
Britt Lassiter Postdoctoral Fellow, David Smith Group, Duke University
Allen Lee  
Carly Levin Senior Research Scientist, Nano3D Biosciences, Inc.
Na Liu Assistant Professor, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart, Germany
Yu Liu University of Pennsylvania
Nyein Zaw Lwin MBA Program, Florida
Nikolay Mirin  R&D Photolithography Process Engineer, Micron Technology, Inc., Boise, Idaho
Cristin Moran 3M, Minnesota
Julius Mueller  
Shaunak Mukherjee Engineer, Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
Steve Oldenburg  President, nanoComposix, San Diego
Phil Pippenger  Intellectual Property Attorney, Leydig, Voit, & Mayer, Ltd., Chicago
Corey Radloff  3M, Minnesota
Matt Reiten   
Jay Resh  Director, Advantage Testing, Houston
Dipankar Sarkar  Angstrom Instruments, India
Scott Sershen  United States Surgical
Jennifer Steele  Assistant Professor, Trinity University, San Antonio
Sri Priya Sundararajan  Senior Si Process Engineer, OneChipPhotonics, Ottawa, ON
Felicia Tam  Oxonica Materials, Inc., Mountain View, CA
Robin Taylor  Assistant Professor, Institute of Particle Technology, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Christyn Thibodeaux
Alex Urban Principal Investigator, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München
Hui Wang  Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina
Sarah Westcott  Nomadics, Stillwater, OK
Dan Wolfe   
Jian Ye Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Dongmao Zhang Associate Professor, Mississippi State University