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Selected Articles in the Popular Press

Single-Molecule Sensors

Quadrumer nanostructure amplifies optical signals,, July 2014

Powerful new sensor identifies molecules containing fewer than 20 atoms, Kurzweil, July 2014

Rice University Nanophotonics Scientists Create Molecular Sensor Capable of 100 billion-x Amplification, BioNews Texas, July 2014

Transforming Light with Four-Wave Mixing

Nanoscale processor controls light with light,, June 2013

New method for tailoring optical processors, ScienceDaily, May 2013

Controlling Light ... with Light,, May 2013

Solar-Powered Steam Generation

Off-grid sterilization with Rice U.'s 'solar steam', Rice News, July 2013

Rice unveils super-efficient solar-energy technology, Rice News, Nov 2012

Rice's solar breakthrough: A (tiny) bit of sunshine, Houston Chronicle, Nov 2012

Making steam without boiling water, thanks to nanoparticles, The Washington Post, Nov 2012

Solar steam, BBC News Radio, Nov 2012

US university unveils super-efficent solar-energy technology, Global Times, China, Nov 2012

Solar-Dampf direkt vom Nanopartikel, Wissenschaft aktuell, Germany, Nov 2012

Graphene Photodetectors

Doping Graphene with Light, NanoWerk, Oct 2012

Graphene Sandwich Detects Light, Chemical & Engineering News, Jun 2012

Magnetic Plasmon Propagation

Fused molecules guide magnetic plasmons, Physics World, Jun 2012

Magnetic plasmons travel across nanocluster networds,, Jun 2012

Active Optical Nanoantennas

Measurement of 'hot' electrons could have solar energy payoff; nanoantennas hold promise for infrared photovoltaics, Science Daily, May 2011

Nano-antenna fashions charge from light, Physics World, May 2011

Nanoantennas hold promise for infrared photovoltaics, Solar Novus Today, May 2011

Tuning into solar power with nanoantennas, Chemistry World (RSC), May 2011

Nanoshell Theranostic Complexes

Nanoparticle could allow diagnosis and treatment in one visit, The Medical News, Dec 2009

New nanoparticles might find, treat cancer, United Press International, Dec 2009

Multitasking nanoparticle diagnoses and fights cancer simultaneously, Popular Science, Dec 2009

Can we diagnose and destroy cancer in one sitting?, CNET News, Dec 2009


Tilting 'nanocups' double optical frequencies, Physics World, Nov 2011

Frequency doubling with nanocups, Nanotechweb, Nov 2011

'Invisibility cloak' directs light away from eye, Discovery News, Mar 2009

Nanocups could improve solar cell efficiency, Alternative Energy News, Mar 2009

Nanocups brim with potential, Science Daily, Mar 2009

Nanocups brim with potential: Light-bending metamaterial could lead to superlenses, invisibility cloaks, Physorg News, Mar 2009


AFOSR funded nanorice research seeks to focus light on small regions in space, WPAFB News, Jul 2006

Rice University researchers create 'nanorice', Physorg News, Mar 2006

'Nanorice' created: could improve chemical sensing, biological imaging, Science Daily, Mar 2006

New shapes of nano gold yield improved properties for cancer imaging and therapy, National Cancer Institute Nanotech News, Mar 2006

Nanoshell pH Sensor

Enabling subcellular pH sensing, Photonics Spectra, Sep 2006

Rice scientists make first nanoscale pH meter, Science Daily, Jun 2006

Rice scientists make first nanoscale pH meter, Physorg News, Jun 2006

Nanoshells’ meter measures pH in living cells, Photonics, Jul 2006

Nanoshells and Cancer Therapy

Rice team achieves a cancer milestone, Houston Chronicle, Nov 2012

Nanoshells may kill cancer at the root, Houston Chronicle, Oct 2010

Putting some heat on cancer, Houston Chronicle, Aug 2010

Bold cancer therapy begins crucial trials, Houston Chronicle, Jul 2008

Profile: Naomi Halas, NOVA scienceNOW, Apr 2005

Engineers light up cancer research, Popular Science, Nov 2003

Gold metal aspirations, Small Times, Oct 2003

Nanoshells: gifts in a gold wrapper, Nature Materials, May 2003

Bright new world, New Scientist, Apr 2003

Laser triggers drug release, any time, any place, New Scientist, Mar 2003

Big cures come in small packages, Discover, Sep 2001

Fantastic nano-voyage, BusinessWeek, May 2001

Spinning big plans for tiny technology, Houston Business Journal, Dec 2000


Nanoshell sensors improve molecular analysis, Chemical Engineering Progress, Apr 2003

Tiny but mighty, OE Magazine, SPIE, Dec 2001

Nanotechnology changing industries and life, Technology Houston, 2001

Tiny 'malted milk balls' have a way with light, BusinessWeek, May 1999

Nanoshells may be key to next wave of light-based technology, ScienceDaily, Sept 1998